265W Solar Panel


Product Description Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)                                  &

Product Description

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)                                         31.7V

Maximum PowerCurrent(Imp)                                            8.52

Open-circuitVoltage(Voc)                                                  38.8

Short-circuitCurrent(Isc)                                                     9.09

ModuleEfficiencySTC(%)                                                  16.50%


OperatingTemperature(?)                                                                               -40?~+85?

Maximumsystemvoltage                                                                               1000VDC  IEC

Maximum series fuse rating                                                                          15A

Power tolerance                                                                                               0~+3%

Temperature coefficients of Pmax                                                               -0.40%/?

Temperatur coefficients of Voc                                                                  -0.30%/?

Temperature coefficients of Isc                                                                    0.06%/?

Nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT)                                               45±2?

Maximum Power - Pmax                                                                              270Wp


CellType                                      Poly-crystalline156×156mm (6inch)

No.of cells                                     60 (6×10)

Dimensions                                   1650×992×40mm (65.00×39.05×1.57inch)

Weight                                          19.0kg(41.9lbs)

Front Glass                                    3.2mm,High Transmission,Low Iron,T empered Glass

Frame                                            Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Junction Box                                   IP67 Rated

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