WattAidPay Solar Inverter installment payment plan in Nigeria

Wattaid a technology based, power utility, online company with over eleven years’ experience in the electrical and electronic industry is committed to supplying all power/energy demanding devices while maintaining high and uncompromising standards and values.

We offer monthly payment schemes on the following products: Inverters, solar panels, TV’s, stereo/home theatre systems, Air conditioners, kitchen appliances/electronics, batteries, voltage Stabilizers, Gaming consoles, Refrigerators etc.

Terms and Conditions
  • A minimum 45% initial deposit would be required at startup
  • All subsequent payments shall be in equal installments.
  • Participant would be required to fill a monthly auto transfer form.
  • All purchase shall be through an umbrella body which would stand as a referee for corporate bodies, while individuals would require at least two referees.
  • Pickup point will be through the umbrella body while door to door delivery will be at an extra-cost.

WattAidPay Application

First Name
Phone Number
Year of Employment
Briefly explain the purpose of applying for WattaidPay
Referee Fullname
Referee Address
Referee Phone Number


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